The fundamental principals of Lean Management can be found in

the Japanese words Kaizen & Kaban

Kaizen - “change for the better”

Kaban - “Signboard”

the kaizen concept (continuous improvement) is a strategy where employees at all levels of a company work together proactively to achieve regular, incremental improvements to the business.
In a sense, it combines the collective talents within a company to create a powerful structure for improvement.

the kaban concept is a process where you create the visual…

the framework below should be an integral part of all management decisions -used to streamline the operational processes of the business.


  • Who does it?
  • Who is doing it?
  • Who should be doing it?
  • Who else can do it?
  • Who else should do it?


  • What to do?
  • What is being done?
  • What should be done?
  • What else can be done?
  • What else should be done?


  • Where to do it?
  • Where is it done?
  • Where should it be done?
  • Where else can it be done?
  • Where else should it be done?


  • When to do it?
  • When is it done?
  • When should it be done?
  • What other things can be done?
  • What other things should be done?


  • Why does he/she do it?
  • Why do it?
  • Why do it there?
  • Why do it then?
  • Why do it that way?


  • How to do it?
  • How is it done?
  • How should it be done?
  • Can this method be used in other areas?
  • Is there any other way to do it?


  • Improve everything continuously.
  • rethink, old traditional concepts and adopt if necessary to benefit new practices.
  • Make things happen by inclusion of all parties involved.
  • Embrace and adopt new methods of implementing work practices and assume they will work.
  • If something is wrong, correct it.
  • Empower everyone to take part in problem solving.
  • Get information and opinions from multiple people.
  • Before making decisions, ask “why” five times to get to the root cause. (5 Why Method)
  • Be economical. Save money through small improvements and spend the saved money on further improvements.

remember that improvement has no limits. never stop trying to improve.

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