Become more resilient to
unexpected or unidentifiable risks


Welcome at VAL-PM SOlutions. Ltd.

We offer leading edge software that uses all of the smart technology required to maintain businesses to the highest standards of maintenance.

Yet the software remains true to our vision “user friendly and intuitive".

Risk Management System Ireland

Risk Management

a continual process in the identification, assessment, and prioritization of risks associated with the running of your business.

Followed by the coordinated use of your resources to monitor, minimize and control the possible impact of unforseen incidents happenings in your business.

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Planned Maintenance System Software

Planned Maintenance

the systematic approach to the scheduling, tracking and prioritization of all operational works to be carried out in a business.

Followed by the coordinated use of both the internal resources and contractors with specific expertise.

There are two types of Maintenance:

  • Proactive – always in control – reduces the exposure to unforseen incidents.
  • Reaactive - always firefighting - may lead to accidents.

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Lean Management

Managing a business that supports the idea of continuous improvement to work practices, with long-term goals.

seeking to achieve incremental changes to those work practices in order to improve efficiency and quality.

How does lean Management work and what drives it ?

People – Purpose – Process.

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Lean Management System Software

Smart Technology

Quickly manage you Defects, Projects & Planned Maintenance from your smart device.

VAL-PM Solutions also allows for the tracking and recording of Equipment & Locations-through the use of QR Codes.

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Smart Technology System