what our clients say

Robert Leyva, Hotel Manager of Valencia Riverwalk, San Antonio, Tx.

"The VAL-PM personnel have been incredibly supportive during the roll out of the system and are always open to feedback on the system. They have been quick to address any changes we need to make the software fit our needs and stay relevant to our business".

Alan Cardema, Front Desk Manager of Hotel Valencia Santana Row, San Jose, Ca.

"In just a very short period of time VAL-PM has proven to be a great tool when recording, assigning, and tracking defects. It has allowed our service team to remedy faults and issues in an efficient and timelier manner. The system is very user friendly and the entire VAL-PM team will tirelessly work with you to personalize your own system to best suit your needs".

Tom Ryder, Facilities Manager, National College of Ireland

"We here in the National college of Ireland in the IFSC have just populated our database and have ValPM up and running. The feedback from our maintenance team has been very positive both with the ease of use and navigating of the system windows. The feedback from our fault loggers has also been very positive as before they wasted time trying to contact people to take responsibility for the call now they are assured once the fault is logged it is in a queue and they like the option if required to SMS persons immediately. We had looked at other software packages but find Valpm is way out in front due to ease of use both for fault logging and fault closing. We are looking forward to some interesting breakdowns of time spent in different locations and of highest fault items which we can use in our planning and costing budgets."

Pat Chawke, Group Director, Aghadoe Heights Hotel & Spa

"A poor preventative maintenance programme will lead to unexpected equipment failures and incur costs related to repairs, parts, labour and wasted energy and lost revenue potential. The VAL-PM solution is great as it allows a proper preventative programme to be developed and controlled. The reports from the system provide important information on the performance of the asset & equipment. The system allows responsibilities to be allocated and productivity of employees & contractors to be analyzed. It also creates a structured fault reporting system which allows the maintenance personnel to get through more work. The VAL-PM personnel have been incredibly supportive during the roll out of the system and are always looking to add tools to the system that will improve our business."