Hotel Maintenance Software 

Hotel Maintenance

How do hotels benefit from our system?

  • more efficient use of resources as you free up maintenance hours.
  • reduces the risk of guests posting negative trip advisor comments due to poorly maintained facilities.
  • reduces the gm's liability.
  • reduces the risk of failing to comply with health and safety requirements.
  • reduces the amount of time the gm spends managing the maintenance team.

What do hotels say?

"This is like a dream come true." Monogram Hotels

How Does It Work?

  • user friendly web based software
  • generates a daily schedule of maintenance tasks
  • assigns maintenance tasks to individuals
  • allows for future maintenance planning
  • sms and email alerts on faults
  • tracks recurring faults
  • prioritises faults
  • different levels of administrator access
  • accessible 24/7 from any location with internet access
  • removes paper based systems