VAL-PM Solutions Ltd.

VAL-PM Solutions Ltd. is a SaaS company founded in 2009, which provides CMMS (computer maintenance management software).  Our aim is to provide businesses with a systematic and structured approach to the management of its people and assets through efficient planning and tracking.

we provide customers with an innovative bespoke solution through the use of smart technology, which  assists in  the implementation of lean management. Our system provides a maintenance framework for management and staff, to ensure your business functions to the highest standards.

our approach results in an examination of all aspects of your maintenance routine which leads to a greater understanding of risk management within your business.  This also results in -an increased awareness of your health & safety compliance.

not only does our system help identify potential maintenance risks for your business, it also assists with the many levels of compliance that businesses today are faced with.


we pride ourseleves on offering a bespoke system that focuses on our clients’ individual needs.